Android App Development

The features of an application are implemented by programming the API(Application Programming Interface) provided by the underlying SDK's(Software Development Kits) supported by the platforms. Any Application(Set of Features) which is programmed to run on Android Device is called Android Application. Any Android Device made up of System on Chip Powered by the ARM core. System on chip interfaces with all the sub-modules on different bus-systems. There exist HAL(Hardware Abstraction Layer), kernel and Application framework programming the system on chip and exposes set of frameworks like Activity/Fragments, Intents, Broadcast recievers, Content Providers, Services, Threads, Async Task etc., which needs to be programmed to implement specific features of an Android Application.

In the program of Android Application Development, we will teach..

  • ✔Introduce to System on Chip,
  • ✔ Architecture of the Android System,
  • ✔ Introduce to Core Java Progamming,
  • ✔Introduce to Android Application Framework and their components,
  • ✔Android Application Development Life Cycle include Architect,
  • ✔ Design, Code, Test and Deploy it to the Google Application Store,
  • ✔ Case study of Implementing an Android Application.