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Innovate Data Systems (Inspired by Differentiation)

Innovate Data Systems (Inspired by Differentiation)

Computer SoftwareVisakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh5 followers
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We innovate in the emerging technology space of binary data systems with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Augmented reality. We are a product engineering services team that strives to provide positive customer experience at the point of product development, services and support. We work on boosting the efficiency of generalizing solutions to simplest with minimal percentage left towards further scope. CORE / Solutions: AI / Machine learning; Facial Feature and Gesture Detection, Human Action Classification, Object Feature detection, Pattern Recognition, Handwriting Recognition... Computer Vision; OCR, Object detection, Face recognition, People inference, Computational photography, SLAM and AR, Photogrammetry... Deep learning-based motion detection for a person, pets, and automobiles; Accurate motion detection and tracking. Highly reduce false alarms on motion tracking... Multi-platform support; Developed with a cross-platform architecture backbone. The application runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, Android and iOS. Supports cloud-based infrastructures... AI-based face recognition; Supports face detection workflows for sentry based applications; Effective video recordings and accurate alerts With accurate AI-based motion detection, eliminate video recordings that have no relevance, Simplified counting workflows, Using machine learning-based object detection lends itself for effective people counting, vehicle counting, entry prevention etc.., Automotive workflows; Supporting license plate recognition, car parking violations, direction recognition and much more, Diligent teamwork with state of the art technologies, The fascinating field of Web-based services, Mobile-based services allows the applications to “sense” and “recognize” the surrounding environment such as Enterprises, Banking, Healthcare, Retail etc..., These Services extracts statistically meaningful patterns in data that support classification, regression, and cluster....



Visakhapatnam , Andhra Pradesh

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